An alternative to liquid dosing pots – Quick Sticks

Fabricated Products recently transitioned into the world of Building Information Modelling and wanted a floor to discuss how BIM has enabled them to perform better than ever on a major project. Here is their story.

In February 2014, Fabricated Products launched a new innovative way to chemically treat heating and chilled water systems. Together with Deepwater Blue chemical, we integrated their quick stick range of solid chemical with our own Easy Treat dosing system. The Quick Sticks allow the user to treat the system with chemicals condensed into a solid stick form.


The advantages to utilising the Quick Stick system is that it reduces waste, as it is packaged in a cardboard tube 50mm wide by 150mm long, weighing around 500 grams. Not only this, but only by using 3 sticks can you remove the heavy 26kg plastic drum of liquid chemical, reducing the risk of injury and spillage.


By using the Easy Treat 10 (the smaller dosing pot) you can treat up to 11,000 litres of water in one treat. In comparison, you would need to fill a typical 25 litre dosing pot 4 times to match the Easy Treat 10. Thus when utilising the Easy Treat 10 system you save a tremendous amount of cost, as once the lid is closed, your site engineer can leave the site and move on to his next task, instead of waiting for the chemical to mix into the system and then refilling the dosing pot for the next round of dose.  


A short while after the launch of the Easy Treat System, WaterTite Heating Limited requested a 25 litre dosing pot to treat the Yeovil Hospital system, a very large project with a total system volume of 22,000 litres.  Before our Easy Treat system integration with Quick Sticks, our client would need 220 litres of chemical – that’s 9 X 25 litre drums of liquid chemical!


This project was an ideal opportunity to showcase our ability to reduce costs with our new innovative chemical dosing system. Due to the size of project, we supplied the Easy Treat 20, the larger of the Easy Treat systems, able to hold 21 sticks per treat. The project was worth £2.7 million to WaterTite Heating Limited. We reduced their overall cost with the new EasyTreat system by £1,430, saving 36% with quick sticks, saving on labour cost and on the price for empty drum disposal.


The new Easy Treat system is now available on bimstore, with many other Fabricated Products Limited products.