WATCH – NDTV examines BIM adoption in India

New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) has ran a report on Building Information Modelling and the way the industry-changing software is revolutionising Indian construction.

NDTV’s ‘Property: Its Hot’ show looked at BIM, which was described at when “any construction project, be it real estate or infrastructure, takes on a whole new life in 3D.”


The report begins by showcasing popular skyscrapers across the world that have been completed using BIM, such as the Burj Khalifa and the Shanghai World Financial Centre. Reporter Vasudha Sharma continued: “As our cities continue to grow and expand, the strain on infrastructure and housing will also increase proportionately. But with a design tool like BIM, we can digitally conceptualise the entire urban planning of cities in 3D and build them to face the resource challenges of the future.”


The video package also featured an interview with Sunil MK of Autodesk India, who “BIM actually allows you to capture the existing condition through point cloud data or photographs, giving an ability for designers or project stakeholders to actually understand what the real scenario looks like in 3D.”


Raja Menon, Director of Design at Arcop Associates spoke of how using BIM decreases the chance for error within a project. He said:


“When you do a BIM model, you have all the costings in place, you have all the contract documents in place and you have all your drawing sets before digging the site; for your foundations, everything is in place. The margin for error is just gone. You can then assure the end user will actually get his possession faster.”


In addition to the aforesaid interviewees, Sharma also spoke with Professor Anil Sawhney of the Indian Institute of Technology. He thinks companies needs to put competition to one-side whilst the country develops BIM standards all firms can abide by.


“Leave the competition between the developers aside. Let’s create standards that’ll help the entire industry move towards a better and more efficient way of building buildings, operating them, designing them and constructing them.”


The video, which also features interviews with SARE Homes’ COO Vineet Relia and Brij Nandan Yadava of the real estate company DLF, can be viewed below.



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