WATCH – Leica Geosystems executives discuss BIM at HxGN

Hexagon Global Network (HxGN), the US roadshow event based in Las Vegas (from June 2nd to June 5th, 2014) evoked many an interesting discussion, and executives of Leica Geosystems got together to discuss the impact that new technologies are having on their customers’ success.

Presented by Leica’s Content Marketing Manager Christine Grahl, a live panel discussion featuring top-level Leica executives at HxGN has been uploaded to Hexagon’s YouTube channel, in which the managers discuss positive receptions to the latest technological advancements, including Building Information Modelling.


BIM Business Manager Cathi Hayes was asked whether there is a particular type of BIM technology that is driving the positive change in which construction firms are working with their partners. Hayes feels that it is in fact the industry’s need to evolve that is one of the driving forces behind BIM’s success.


“It’s not one particular technology that’s driving these changes,” said Hayes. “It’s really the need for the construction industry to evolve and to modernise their processes so that they can become more efficient.


“The real goal is for them to reduce change orders and increase predictability because the construction industry has really been a lagger in adopting technology and they’ve suffered from a lot of wasteful change orders and the lack of predictability in their schedule and their budgeting.”


Continuing talking about the change from 2D to 3D to now what we know as BIM, Hayes says:


“Most manufacturers have moved into BIM for coordination in the office”, stated Hayes, referring to the fact that now more than ever, there is a cohesion between contractors and all of their partners at various levels within a project, allowing all of them to access and edit a model to boost efficiency.


Watch the entire panel discussion above.


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