WATCH – Guardian Industries release Glass Analytics software

Guardian Industries have released a range of software tools which will make the analysis and creation of Guardian glass products for BIM projects.

Guardian Glass Analytics comprises of the Performance Calculator, the Building Energy Calculator and the Guardian BIM Generator tools. When working together, these cohesive platforms can lead to saving “costly time, effort and resources.”


The Performance Calculator makes the creation of glass BIM objects easier through a point-and-click, easy-to-use interface. The thermal and optical characteristics of the objects can also be configured and component types include monolithic coated glass to float glass substrates.


The Building Energy Calculator creates hourly simulations of “glazing options, building parameters and project location.” Together, the statistics can be used as a schematic design tool comparing costs on an annual basis.


The third and final part of the software bundle is the Guardian BIM Generator, a useful tool for providing information on the thermal and optical performance of insulated glazing make-ups and the creation of Autodesk Revit glass objects. Although it can be used at any point in a construction project, the earlier the BIM Generator is utilised, the greater the benefit to the build. The BIM content created using the Generator is loaded with meta data and relevant product stats, meaning no additional work will be required for the user when transferred to Revit.


Watch a video demonstration of Guardian’s BIM Generator below and learn more information here.



Have you used Guardian Glass Analytics yet?