WATCH – Excitech Principal Consultant talks BIM in infrastructure

Building Information Modelling is widely used within architecture, yet is BIM implementation as advanced within infrastructure projects?

Dave Bosworth, Principal Consultant at Excitech, spoke to Excitech’s YouTube channel after presenting at the Ecobuild 2014 event of behalf of ACO Building Drainage.


Dave believes that BIM adoption in infrastructure has been of a slower pace due to lack of technology.


“There are quite a few challenges still for us [BIM in infrastructure], particularly I would say around technology,” said Bosworth. “Although we have some tools that are BIM-ready, they perhaps don’t go quite far enough if you look at what’s happening in the building architectural world. The tools are more mature and have been well-tested – they’re much more applicable for produing a BIM project.


In infrastructure, although we’ve got 3D modelling tools that are very good and enable us to produce designs in 3D and get a 3D model, they’re perhaps not as advanced when it comes to adding BIM data to that.”


Bosworth also called for more manufacturers to create BIM content that is suitable for infrastructure as well as architectural projects. He said:


“While we have the ability to create these 3D designs, we need a lot more content in terms of manufacturers’ models to enable us to put a comprehensive design together.”


Praising ACO Building Drainage, Bosworth said:


“I think what ACO are doing at the moment with all of their products, looking at how they can produce BIM models, not just for architects, but in formats that are applicable to infrastructure, I think that’s just great.”


Watch the video above.


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