WATCH – Dulux Australia launch ‘BIM Solutions’ download package

Credit: Dulux
Credit: Dulux

Dulux Australia have launched Dulux BIM Solutions, a package of three free downloads to make the colouring of BIMs that little bit easier.

The paint product supremo’s division down under have packaged their new Revit plug-in Dulux Colour Atlas with two other downloads which help categorise colours – Dulux Colour Group Revit Families and individual Dulux Colour Revit Families.

The Dulux Colour Atlas plug-in allows for Revit users to choose from over 4,600 colour options, without the need to leave the software. Colour is automatically generated within a 3D model meaning there is no time wasted entering Revit material data manually, a shortcut that also means inputting errors are avoided.

The categorisation options help make finding that particular colour you want that bit easier. There are 13 Dulux Colour Group Revit Families or alternatively, you can browse colours by name, description and number individually.

Phil White, Dulux Australia’s Trade Division General Manager (pictured) spoke about the benefits of installing the Dulux Colour Atlas plug-in.

“Using Dulux BIM Solutions, colour information is automatically transferred into the material schedule of the desired project, reducing the time needed to manually enter data and increasing colour creativity. The new Revit plug-in and downloads make colour specification easier, simplify workflow, reduce data entry errors and save time.”

Watch an official Dulux Australia video below explaining the basics of Dulux Colour Atlas.

Learn more about Dulux BIM Solutions here and here.

Will you be checking out Dulux BIM Solutions?