WATCH – “Building with BIM is above all… smart!”

Still struggling with BIM? A recent video from The Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre will put an end to that.

The video, just over six minutes in length, looks at how “with BIM, the sky really is the limit”.


The video begins by describing BIM as “communicating and building in one comprehensive language” and stresses that despite not being a new idea, it is a fact and will only get more important within the industry, like when other Governments follow the UK’s lead. Furthermore, the clip informs non-adopters that BIM is a methodology for the design, construction and maintenance of a project.


The informative tool explains that with BIM, every party working on a single project can continue to use the software that they are used to using and only need to download one free piece of software to enable the transfer of their data into one collaborative model that all camps within a construction team have access to, including architects, contractors, planners, glaziers and more; whatever your role in a project, you can keep feeling comfortable doing what you always do, but now you can see more easily the impact your work has on the rest of the project workers and before even a single brick has been laid.


The video then discusses how the digital model and the object library work, describing the latter as a “dictionary of definitions for all items … their functions and their performance”. Another excellent feature of BIM that is raised is the fact that not only can it be used on any projects from buildings to tunnels to infrastructure, it can also be used for the entire environment, showcasing how a project reacts with roads and other objects surrounding it.


Check out the highly educational video below.



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