WATCH – Bouygues Construction highlight their BIM capabilities

Bouygues Construction have released a new promotional video highlighting the firm’s technological capabilities.

The video, nearly three minutes in length, explains why the company are at the forefront of the ‘BIM Generation’ and the ‘digital-model revolution’.


The clip shows not only what Bouygues can offer businesses, but also what BIM is capable of in-general. The promo describes BIM as being able to “build before we [Bouygues] build”, highlighting BIM’s ability to better design, construct and manage properties. The video also shows off hi-tech virtual reality software that can be used to get a first-person view of what it would like to be in a completed building, before even a single brick has been laid on site.


Other benefits demonstrated in the video are improved cost management, worksite organisation, facilities and operations management and the ability to use the same collaborative model, meaning projects teams based at different points in the world can work cohesively using one shared 3D design.


Watch the full video below.



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