WATCH – A look at BIM & Singapore’s “relentless” pace of construction

BBC News have addressed the use of Building Information Modelling in Singapore, with the country’s government devising a plan around the 3D modelling software they are “so impressed” with.

Reporter Ashleigh Nghiem has looked into Singapore’s plans to offer financial assistance and subsidies to all construction companies who use BIM. The hope is that by 2020, Singaporean firms will be more be more competitive and have more staff trained at using BIM software, meaning the amount of foreign construction workers coming into the country can be reduced by 30%.

“By having good technology and good processes, they [firms] not only cut down the transit workers; at the same time they can brew up core local competency and with that, they are also able to become more competitive,” said Cheng Tai Fatt of the Singapore Building and Construction Authority.

The video report also looks at the creation and construction of the Singapore Sports Hub, currently being built in Kallang by Dragages Singapore, a sister company of Bouygues Construction. The stadium, worth over 1.3 billion Singapore dollars, was designed using Autodesk 3D modelling projects. Design Coordination Manager at Bouygues Sophie Montenot-Coady spoke to the BBC and said:

“In 3D, you have the opportunity to see the whole picture so when you go on-site, you have a better coordination, a better design because you have the built model in 3D already.”

Click here to find out more about the project from Bouygues and find out more from the BBC at this link. View the video report below.

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