WATCH – 102 part essential BIM training guide for Revit 2015

If you need help getting to grips with Autodesk Revit 2015, then Paul F. Aubin may just be your saviour.

Representing‘s Brain University, Aubin has published a 102 part essential training video guide for Revit Architecture 2015. The guide gives all the must-have information for Building Information Modelling enthusiasts to get them up to date with the latest instalment of Autodesk’s industry-leading software platform.


“In this course we’ll start with basics like walls, columns, doors and windows”, said Aubin of the expansive video project. “We’ll build floor slabs and roofs and learn how these forms interact with one-another, like the surrounding walls, elevator shafts and even roof dormas.”


“And what building would be complete without stairs, railings, plumbing and lighting fixtures? We’ll even create our own custom components like a custom pool table.”


Elaborating further on what techniques he will teach, Aubin said: “Using Revit is not just about modelling. I’ll show you how you can annotate your drawings with texts, dimensions and other standard architectural symbols.”


What’s the best part about Aubin’s fantastic guide? It’s free to view on YouTube at the Brain University Channel.


Watch the first episode of the guide below.




Will you be making good use of the guide?