Toshiba Air Conditioning release BIM downloads

Toshiba Air Conditioning have stepped into the world of Building Information Modelling.

RAC Magazine are reporting that the package of downloads spans across the entire range of SMMSI, SHRMi and Mini SMMSi VRF outdoor units, all indoor units and flow selector boxes. The creation of the BIM material coincides with the UK Government’s 2016 public sector mandate and their four-year strategy to improve efficiency and cut costs.


The BIM offering “provides an accurate and easy-to-use digital representation of Toshiba’s air conditioning systems” which can be added to 3D models of new or refurbished building projects to help predict how the building will perform.


“We very much support the drive towards BIM-based design, as there are huge gains to be reaped by all concerned. For designers and contractors it speeds up project planning, and enables quick and accurate changes that save time on site”, said Toshiba UK’s General Manager David Dunn. He continued:


“For clients and end users, it helps ensure installations are delivered on time and to budget, and provides assurance that design conditions can be achieved for a building. These twin planning and predictive aspects are what makes BIM so powerful.”


The components can be downloaded on Toshiba’s website only here.


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