Report: Is the industry ready for the BIM Task Group Withdrawal?

Is the Architecture, Construction and Engineering ready for the loss of BIM Task Group funding? The Managing Director of Clarkson Alliance believes that SMEs are going to struggle.

Clarkson Alliance is a consultant project, cost and information management company founded by Graham Clarkson, who recently wrote a guest piece for Construction Manager.


In his article, Clarkson notes that although the findings of the latest NBS National BIM Survey suggest that a majority of industry professionals had adopted BIM (58%), he mentions that “it would be interesting to find out the size of companies responding” – do all SMEs know about the survey to respond to questions about their BIM adoption or lack thereof? Are SMEs having their voices heard?


“From our findings in supporting and delivering the South East Centre for the Built Environment FutureFit Built Asset programme – designed to raise awareness among SMEs in the south east on BIM and Government Soft Landings – there are very few, if any, SMEs who are using Level 2”, writes Clarkson. He elaborates:


“This is particularly concerning when only 31-38% of public sector contracts are won by SMEs; this percentage is only going to reduce when all public contracts are to be delivered using BIM Level 2 in 2016. If the UK government is seeking to increase the percentage of public sector contracts won by SMEs then shouldn’t the funding for BIM Level 2 be focused more towards SMEs rather than simply closing down the grants?”


Although the Government are expected to roll-out funding for Level 3 BIM in the next coming years, Clarkson believes Level 2 should be accessible to all rather than just a majority before Level 3 funding is promoted. He stated:


“As an organisation, we work for a number of local authorities, many of whom have barely heard of BIM, let alone have the knowledge of how to procure projects under BIM Level 2. From my experience we have a long way to go in changing the culture of the industry.”


Read Clarkson’s entire article here


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