Report: Get BIM “right first time” at initial design stage


The importance of collaboration and having all stakeholders involved at the initial design stage of a project has been highlighted in a new article.

Shepherd Construction’s BIM Implementation Manager, Martin Wing described BIM as an “unmissable opportunity to completely remould the architecture and construction process” in his latest guest piece for BDOnline.


Wing stressed the significance that in order to make the most out of BIM and allow it to become what he aforementioned described, all parties of the project should be aware of BIM at the earliest stage possible; not only will this benefit the project as each team will be able to outline what they can bring to the 3D model and how, it will also mean less wires are crossed, leading to reductions in changes made to the project as all partaking in the work should be knowledgeable about what they are doing. Wing explains:


“Collaboration from the outset between all of the design disciplines – the client, contractor, specialists and suppliers – is fundamental to ensuring the best design, construction and operating solution.


“Meeting the brief effectively and utilising BIM to its full potential will require a major behavioural change and a new approach to the entire project process. Having a comprehensive understanding at the first design stage can ultimately lead to a dramatic reduction in site modifications later on, redesign costs and man hours.”


Wing closes by making it clear that all persons involved need to know how a building is going to operate throughout its lifecycle. As BIM can address this, if everyone is around at the starting line, they’ll all be better equipped to reach the finish without too many stops.


“One of the biggest considerations above all, is that we can’t really build anything that would meet the client’s brief until we know exactly how the building will operate over its lifecycle. Fundamentally, this means we all need to understand the building’s or asset’s required performance at the beginning of any project and take the leap forward of closing the loop with operators, end users and facilities managers which still presents a huge gap in the BIM process.”

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