Report: Architecture unemployment falling yet BIM knowledge isn’t high

A new statistical report has proved that architecture unemployment figures are down, yet those with knowledge of BIM are also low in numbers.

Via Architects’ Journal, Arch Daily are reporting that compared to May 2013 when 615 architects were claiming job seeker’s allowance, just 310 were claiming in May of this year. However, the sharp decline in unemployment has let suspicion creep into the minds of some in the industry that companies are hiring many architects, regardless of skill.


RIBA Director of Practice Adrian Dobson has said that he is “hearing of shortages of BIM literate staff with project delivery experience, and these candidates are increasingly in demand.”


Although Manager at RIBA Appointments Paul Chappell agreed that it is harder to find appropriate candidates for new BIM-style roles, he also feels that more people are returning to work due to an increase in job vacancies.


“There are probably around three times the number of jobs coming in compared to this time last year,” stated Chappell. “It is certainly becoming harder to find the right candidates for all the new roles.”


The rise in jobs Chappell talked about is backed up by data from the RIBA Future Trends Survey, which when released later this month, will reportedly show a 10% increase in work amongst UK architectural practices. 


Do you agree that there is a shortage of BIM-knowledgeable candidates?