Oasys reflects on MassMotion crowd simulation at BIM Show Live

In March, we brought you the news that Oasys had teamed up with BSL2014 to analyse crowd simulation in the event arena using MassMotion.

Now that all the action is over for another year, we get the verdict on how useful the pedestrian modelling tool was.


MassMotion is the next generation of advanced pedestrian simulation and crowd analysis software which offers a broad range of planning, architectural, and engineering applications. It was developed by Arup to address deficiencies in commercially available software.


Prior to this April’s BIM Show Live, Oasys, with the help of BIM.Technologies, explored the expected flow of the event by importing the Revit model (via IFC) into MassMotion.


The following slides give us some insight into how the technology works:








Variables including visits to the exhibition booth and to pick up a coffee as well as timings of arrival and exit of the crowds informed the modelling throughout.


So how accurate was it in the end?


Oasys Application Specialist Peter Debney said: “When we arrived to set up for BIM Show Live, we immediately noted the difference between the model that we had been supplied with and the actual arrangement. For example the sponsors’ stands were a lot more open than the exhibitors’ ones, while the Revit model used the same style throughout, and there was the A-Team van positioned near the entrance.


“The full extent of the changes was revealed the next day when the organisers set up for food and coffee. The original plan was for coffee to be served from the central bar, but the MassMotion had revealed congestion at the bottleneck between the exhibition and sponsors’ area. Moving the food and coffee deeper into the sponsors’ area avoided mass queuing where flows were concentrated and thus ensured that the predicted problems were avoided.


“For the presentation the following day we decided to update the model to “as-built”, which required an estimation of the tables in the catering areas, realignment of the queues to match, plus a download of an A-Team van from the SketchUp 3D Warehouse.”


A final notable conclusion was drawn that for accurate results, accurate input is needed – a BIM file will not help you if it is out of date and it may not contain all of the information you need.


MassMotion is Oasys’ class-leading pedestrian modelling and crowd simulation software. It is capable of modelling hundreds of thousands of ‘agents’ – each with unique agendas.

MassMotion 6.0 has improved analysis and user interface to go with class leading simulation. This project only shows a proportion of MassMotion’s capabilities and the importance of crowd simulation with BIM. 


For more information on Oasys, visit: www.oasys-software.com & for MassMotion: http://www.oasys-software.com/massmotion.