NIBS Journal’s June edition focuses on BIM

The Journal of the National Institute of Building Sciences’ June edition has cast a spotlight on the world of Building Information Modelling.

Twenty-one of the publication’s forty pages are dedicated to BIM, meaning there are a plethora of BIM golden nuggets to feast your eyes upon.


The journal’s BIM-related content opens with messages from the buildingSMART alliance, the United States National CAD Standard Project Committee and the National BIM Standard – United States Project Committee before delving into BIM with extensive articles based around various sub-topics.


The first article focuses on collaboration through open-BIM, which allows the many different consultants and projects teams working together on a project to use what software they are most knowledgeable at using and they can then feed that information into one collaborative model all projects camps have access to. The article states that professionals working on open-BIM projects can “communicate, coordinate and validate design decisions” together but they also can retain control of what they own.


“The collaborating team members using this workflow retain control of their own proprietary data. What they share is data for reference models, which, while being full accurate and data-rich, are not editable in a native mode. Thus, each team member contributes a reference model to the collaborative project model and receives, in-turn, information about possible conflicts.”


Elsewhere in the journal, perspectives towards BIM are examined by representatives from various countries across the globe, with opinions from Australia, the UK, Korea and The Netherlands divulged. Also in the journal include articles on BIM and lean construction and industry foundation classes (IFC).


Click here to read the journal in its entirety.


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