New framework the discussion at NFB & YORbuild consultation

The inaugural National Federation of Builders and YORbuild ‘BIM: The YORbuild way’ consultation session has been hailed as “excellent”.

The two companies have joined forces to ask for industry feedback on YORbuild’s ‘2’ framework, which is in the process of “re-procuring”. The content of the framework, which has an emphasis on Building Information Modelling, has already been initially decided, and those who are hoping to be selected to use it are just some of the people who attended the first meeting.


The first consultation happened at the Leeds College of Building and the proposed framework was discussed by architects, clients, consultants and contractors alike at the event which was held on June 16th. As well as discussing the main task at-hand, guests were also treated to a live demonstration of BIM software from Micro Cad’s James Parsons-Moore, news on the progress of NFB’s BIM Exemplar Programme and also learned of other CITB projects for those companies looking to implement BIM.


Voase Builders is an NFB member company and its Company Secretary Victoria Voase was highly impressed with the first workshop. She said: “I thought the format of the day was excellent – to the point and productive.  As a company we have been discussing the release of YORbuild 2 for a long time now and debating what it will contain/entail.


“The event helped to de-mystify some of those questions…. I think everyone felt included in the session and it was good to feel that there was the opportunity to put forward ideas that may contribute towards the YORbuild 2 release.”


The next three events that will round out the series will take place in Barnsley, York and Hull on June 23rd, 26th and 30th respectively.


Learn more about the Leeds event here.


Will you be attending any of the upcoming consultation sessions?