NBS publishes 5-step beginner’s guide to BIM

 NBS has pooled together five of its most helpful articles into a new 5-step guide to getting started with BIM.

Understanding BIM is intended to “demystify” the technology, forming a beginner’s primer to building information modelling. NBS’s Information Specialist Michael Smith writes the introduction, in which he reviews the state of play in the industry.


The articles have been on the NBS site for a while (the earliest is from March 2013) but this is the first time they’ve been serialised. Readers can expect to be brought up to speed on a variety of topics, including, but not limited to, BIM’s relative unpopularity among small practices and the ability to create building information models from existing buildings.


NBS have also provided a video case study of “Lakeside Restaruant” as part of the second article in the series, demonstrating the in-depth features of BIM software.


In addition, readers are able to download an infographic of NBS’s National BIM Survey 2014.


How do you feel these articles stack up as a means of demystifying BIM for newcomers?