JJ Ryan Consulting publish BIM report

JJ Ryan Consulting have published an extensive report looking at Building Information Modelling.

The Australian firm have released the 37 page document, which looks at the role BIM plays in the modern world and the impact its technology has had on society.


“The diffusion of BIM throughout modern society is used to demonstrate the innovation processes observed such as “market pull” and “technology push”, the effects on the triple bottom line (society, economy and environment) as well as the role played by managers in adopting the new technology”, said the report.


The documentation also examines the history of BIM. Believe it or not, the origins of the pioneering technology date back to 1962, in a report by American engineer Douglas C. Engelbart. Engelbart’s study was in the hope of developing “a conceptual framework … which could grow a coordinated research and development program.”


The report, which features useful diagrams, figures and tables (and a Contents of where to find said visual aids), also looks at the social, economic and environmental impacts of BIM, management of BIM construction and the effectiveness of this management and the future of BIM technologies and what’s to come for BIM in the construction industry.


Learn more about JJ Ryan Consulting here and view the extensive report here.


What did you make of the report?