How to get infrastructure ready for 2016

Buildings surrounding infrastructure such as airports, multi-storey car parks and railway stations are often being designed using Building Information Modelling yet why are infrastructure projects themselves lagging behind?

According to Construction News and their latest article featuring an interview with Bentley Systems’ Iain Miskimmin, it is currently impossible to complete a linear infrastructure that adheres to Level 2 BIM. With Level 2 becoming mandatory for all Government sector projects in 2016, there’s not a lot of time for the infrastructure industry to get educated and join the rest of the pack.


The fact it is difficult to describe a linear project in COBie data format is the biggest issue as to why infrastructure projects are playing catch-up. COBie defines spaces on a particular floor of a within a building as opposed to an incredibly long path or road.


“A building is a very small object compared with 100 miles of road”, says Miskimmin, who is a senior industry consultant at Bentley. “How you split that up and measure along it is something that needs to be standardised.”


Talking about how infrastructure data may be inputted as COBie data, Miskimmin continues: “We have to feed in linear geometry to see where we are in that. “You cannot say, ‘It is 100 miles along the A1’. Where is the A1? It is geometry – we are 100 miles along this line.”


The industry experts seemingly know what they need to do for infrastructure to get up to speed, yet how they will be able to do it is still a little further on the horizon.


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