CAD Technology Center releases BIM add-ins for Revit 2015

The BIM Project Suite and BIM Manager Suite, two Revit-compatible add-ins developed by CTC, are now available to download from the firm’s official site.


As part of the update, the user interfaces for both BIM List and Cobie2 Link have seen significant changes. BIM List, for example, now includes content from other project files.


The bulk of the new features work with Revit 2013 onwards, but one 2015-exclusive function is the ability to set parameters alphabetically in family libraries.


Project Suite now boasts two new tools. Quick Select, according to the release page, “allows users to filter a selection of Revit elements by specific categories or parameter values”. Length Calculator, meanwhile, “is designed to assist with calculating a run length for selected duct, pipe, conduit and cable tray elements”.


“Our new BIM List solves many of the challenges firms have with Revit content,” said Jeff Burbank, Product Manager for Revit Express Tools. “By expanding BIM List’s ability to incorporate the additional content types and adding features like user favourites and live search, we continue to provide tools that decrease the time spent searching and increase the time available for design.”


Free trials, known as Standard Editions, can be downloaded at Revit Express Tools, where Premium and Ultimate Editions can also be bought.