BIMcrunch Editorial: BIMagine That?

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BIMcrunch Editor Jack is back with the latest edition of his Editorial.

Ever thought of an idea that you’ve been tearing your hair out over as there is no outlet for it? Or perhaps you have been searching for a certain type of interview nd you think BIMcrunch would be the perfect platform for it? Well, if you have been thinking the aforementioned questions and want BIMcrunch to potentially fulfil your needs, then you are in luck as BIMcrunch wants YOU!

Now that BIMcrunch has officially seen a handing over the authoritative reins from the fantastic OPR to myself, a lot of changes are on the way and I am looking for industry responses before all the changes are set in stone. Whether it be relating to the website’s aesthetics, news articles or guest content, I’m seeking all of your opinions and feedback. The website is tailored to being the number one news source for the BIM community, so it is of utmost importance to me that I give you the platform to speak with me and voice your thoughts.

To give you all a sneak peak of what is to come but without giving too much away, I can confirm that all aspects of the current site are being looked at and will be overhauled. Expect new features, fresh interview segments and guest writers coming soon. I am very excited about building new relationships with members of the #UKBIMCrew and beyond and the most important aspect of my job is making sure I can make BIMcrunch do what you want it to do and for it to be how you want it to be.

So, how can you get in touch and voice your opinions? You can sign up for a BIMcrunch account to leave a comment below or if you follow @BIMcrunch on Twitter and we follow you back (if we don’t, tweet us) and then you get in touch with me via DM. Alternatively, you can email

Before the floor is all yours to send me your thoughts, questions and suggestions, allow me to share with you a little taster of a new feature coming soon to BIMcrunch. And don’t worry; Mr. Wolf isn’t anywhere to be seen.

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