BIM4SME launch new “easy flow and user-friendly” website

Non-profit organisation BIM4SME have launched their new-look website.

The company, which is part of the Government’s BIM Task Group, aims to guide small to medium enterprises towards Building Information Modelling adoption, quashing rumours that the transition to using BIM requires a radical change in unfamiliar and complicated new software and that extensive and expensive training is necessary.


The new website is sky blue and orange over a white backdrop, channelling the firm’s official logo. The highly interactive layout is clear and crisp, featuring easy-to-read dropdown menus and aesthetically pleasing clickable graphics. BIM4SME members can access exclusive discounts and opportunities, with other features including BIM case studies, helpful technical information and news on upcoming events.


“The BIM4SME team understands that there are limited avenues for the sole trader or smaller practice to source simple and accessible BIM information”, says Chairman Tim Platts.



“There are practices and businesses out there that would like to consider BIM but it is still a fear for some. We hope with the publication of our recent Annual Report which looks at our activities and achievements in the last year and communication of developments yet to come, that more will join the network and also the core group, and the website will be just one starting point which could make a positive and useful difference.”


Click here to view the brand new website and don’t hesitate to contact BIM4SME with your feedback by following their Twitter account, @BIM4SME.


What do you think of the new website?