BIM Vacancies: Forell/Elsesser Engineers seeking Structural BIM Specialist

Forell/Elsesser Engineers. Inc are re-appealing to find a Structural BIM Specialist to join their award-winning business.

The San Francisco-based firm took to Twitter to advertise their BIM related vacancy again. Their tweet wrote:



The Structural BIM Specialist role the company are advertising will see the successful candidate working as part of a collaborative team and be responsible for making quality Revit/BIM models or managing those who are working on them to complete them to the correct standard. Other tasks include training staff to use BIM firm-wide, researching new BIM technologies and developing the company’s BIM/modelling standards.


Experiences working on large and difficult projects would look ideal to the company and a diverse range of past projects would also be beneficial. Those seeking a change to what they are used to are also encouraged to apply.


Within a Cover Letter (which is required alongside a CV), candidates are urged to demonstrate how their skills, desire and previous experience and influence success within Forell/Elsesser.


Interested parties can learn more by clicking the following link. Good luck!


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