BIM praised for efficient prefabrication of healthcare projects

Building Information Modelling has been hailed as a driving force behind the successful prefabrication of healthcare construction projects.

Turner Construction’s Steve Whitcraft has wrote a guest article for D Healthcare Daily and has championed BIM for its ability to easily plan the creation, coordination and installation of vital pieces of healthcare establishment components and schedule the best way for these critical items of equipment to be implemented within a hospital without disrupting medical staff at work.


Firstly, discussing why the AEC industry hasn’t been able to digitally implement prefabrication before now, Whitcraft writes: “Until recent improvements in computer technologies, I’m not sure there was enough trust that the computer model could be relied upon in the field— If prefabrication needed re-work at the site, not much savings in time, cost or quality would be achieved”, said Whitcraft.


Expanding on how BIM can help plan the installation of equipment, the director of commercial and healthcare segment groups in the Texas region continued:


“Today we are able to use GPS and laser systems to locate BIM information in the field—providing much higher accuracy, assured layout, less rework, and faster schedules. We use this BIM information in logistics planning to assist with replacing large medical equipment, such as MRI’s, to find the best route through the existing hospital. This minimizes the impact to the building, the public, and ongoing medical operations.”


Talking further in-depth about the positive aspects of laser scanning in aiding implementation of objects such as exterior wall assemblies and bathroom modules, Whitcraft said:


“Using laser scans of existing spaces, we are able to create more accurate documents than may have existed with “as-built” information. Using the laser scan information, we can more accurately fit new work to the existing work, producing a higher quality result, in less time, saving money.”


Follow this link to read more from Steve Whitcraft at D Healthcare Daily.


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