B.G Shirke and Tekla announce BIM parternship

India’s largest precast concrete company B.G Shirke Construction Technology have announced a partnership with model software provider Tekla.

Tekla have been chosen as B.G Shirke’s Building Information Modelling partner to provide better infrastructure by providing unified automated solutions in precast design on a mass scale.


The aim of the collaboration is for B.G Shirke to provide even more high detailed precast structures, resulting in more efficient buildings thanks to the synchronisation of activities during the entire lifecycle of projects, which in-turn will stop time from over-running and also cut costs. Manual work will be minimised because of Tekla’s software, which will enable the integration of manufacturing and project management information.


Vice President of Planning and Design at B.G. Shirke, Yogesh Kajale talked more about the end goal of the alliance. He said: “With help of Tekla BIM software we can make our building processes more effective and manage the risk of unforeseen costs and loss of time.”


Nirmalya Chatterjee,Business Director for Tekla India described the partnership as “immense”. He said:

“Partnership with the B. G. Shirke Construction Technology gives us an immense opportunity to work more closely with their engineers and project team. At Tekla, we help precast companies like the B.G Shirke Construction Technology manage and optimize their processes, minimize errors and waste and in the end win more tenders.”


Read more about the two companies joining forces by clicking here.


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