WATCH – Bridging the gap between construction and tech

Credit: Bluebeam Software
Credit: Bluebeam Software

The Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry is full of construction experts who know all there is to know about their specialism and flipping the coin, there are many new upstarts passionate about the latest technology such as BIM. Yet how do companies get them to work perfectly in cohesion?

Bluebeam Software’s Director of Strategic Alliance Sasha Reed is looking for the answer to that very question in her inaugural video blog post.

Providing a case study as a basis for her first video, Reed talks about attending the Engineering News Record’s Global Construction Summit in Manhattan, New York and being impressed with a panel discussion conducted by Turner Construction.

Turner spoke of their Wiltshire Grand project, which would see the company build a 73-storey skyscraper in Los Angeles, California. In just 24 hours, the company poured 21,000 cubic yards of concrete, a process which had already been simulated via Building Information Modelling. The real-life ‘Big Pour’ came within 1% of the predicted amount of materials they thought they would need to use – a very accurate reading.

The problem was though that the concrete subcontractor had little knowledge of BIM and had hardly used it before. So how did the company bridge the gap between the construction staff and external partner?

Shobhit Baadkar of TITAN AEC was drafted in to act as a BIM Consultant, helping the concrete company learn more about the BIM process. In the video, Reed elaborates:

“He [Baadkar] took the data the partner had, which at the time was Excel spreadsheets of concrete pour data and time data, and brought it into the model. He was able to model everything, from the trucks coming off of the freeway, to the pour time at the station, to leaving, to the next truck coming in. Obviously they did a phenomenal job because they were able to execute within such a close percentage.”

View Sasha Reed’s video blog above or alternatively, read a transcript of the video here.

Is your company hiring outside consultants to help with BIM or have you managed to find an expert who can combine both tech and construction knowledge?