‘Strong investment in training’ key to Qatar’s BIM future

A shortage of Building Information Modelling engineers could cause affect the abundance of Qatar’s mega-construction projects, that’s according to the MEP Head of Department of a major consultancy working within the country.

Speaking to Construction Week Online, Atkins Group’s David Crowder believes training is the key to living up to expectations and keeping up the rest of the world and their latest BIM developments.


“We expect demand for skilled BIM practitioners to increase substantially as more major projects come on line,” said Crowder.


“But while this is a welcome step forward for the region’s infrastructure sector it could result in a skills shortage unless we start to see significant investment in training.”


Although BIM training is now available at college and degree levels, the amount of trained graduates is not enough, so although very costly and time consuming, Crowder believes training established engineers is the way forward to cater for the amount of BIM work needed. He said:


“Trying to find those people with the necessary skills and knowledge will be difficult, because they’re going to have to become technician-type design staff rather than just [computer-aided design technicians] drawing lines on a blank computer screen.


“They’ve got to really understand the systems that they are designing and modelling. Not only do we need them to learn the software, we need them to learn what those systems do and how they work. It’s quite a challenge on the training side.”


Is BIM training really that difficult? Do you think some within the AEC industry are still too stubborn to adopt to BIM?