RICS Director calls for Quantity Surveyors to embrace BIM

RICS Director of Built Environment Alan Muse has called for the quantity surveying sector to embrace Building Information Modelling.

In his article published on Building.co.uk, Muse asks whether QSs need to adapt to BIM or if quantity surveyors will be rendered obsolete due to the winds of change that are presently blowing within architecture and construction.


However, Muse believe that there will always be a place for QSs and that BIM “is not a threat to the QS profession” and is a tool that showcase why QSs are important. He writes: “[I]believe QSs not only can and should adopt BIM but in fact must for the benefit of the industry as a whole. BIM is not a threat to the QS profession, but a tool that can highlight the worth of QSs in the future and, for those at the forefront of the technology, provide them with a competitive edge.”


Furthermore, Muse states that the unity of quantity surveyors and BIM is the perfect combination: “Marrying these two tools together resolves the problems relating to the quality of the BIM models and the issues created by the variations of design details.”


In Muse’s report, it is stated that 53% of 260 people surveyed by RICS identified culture as the biggest roadblock they face when trying to administer BIM into the workplace. Muse says: “By already possessing the cost measurement knowledge and skills, QSs that embrace, understand and use BIM, can help the industry to decipher this data and make the shift to a BIM-enabled future smoothly.”


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Do you agree with Muse’s standpoint?