Report: What is the importance of BIM within the electrical sector?

A new magazine article has looked in-depth at the significance of Building Information Modelling to electrical service providers.

As described by Electric.IE, the popular construction “buzzword” (BIM) is scrutinised and the magazine piece looks at how useful BIM can be for those within the electrical equipment industry and beyond.


The article, which is featured in the May/June edition of Electric.IE, states that the Government’s 2016 public sector deadline and France’s own 2017 mandate are reasons as to why all construction suppliers should be choosing to invest in BIM software (specifically electrical firms in Ireland).


The report’s author, ArcDox’s Ralph Montague, elaborates by mentioning that all types of company are now working with BIMs, so if companies don’t start to adopt soon, their competitors will have an immediate, modern advantage.


“Put very simply, people no longer only want your physical product, said Montague. They want the “information” about that product, in a digital format. If you don’t have the information in a useful and usable format, and your competitors do, then guess who will have the advantage?”


Furthermore in the story, the negatives of paper-based designs are addressed and BIM’s way of tackling them is highlighted. Montague states:


“The current practice of creating, managing and exchanging information, in individually produced paper-based documents, drawings and specifications, is problematic. It is slow to produce, difficult to manage and coordinate, difficult to access, query and understand and prone to human error. BIM is helping to address these issues, by making it easier and simpler to create, manage and exchange information about buildings, and for people to collaborate on projects.


Montague also discusses how to get into BIM and gives a more detailed summary of what the acronym means. Click here to read the article.


Do you think all construction suppliers should be investing in BIM?