Report: BIM “an incredible opportunity”, so why are there refuseniks?

Although the government’s 2016 mandate that will see all public sector projects adopt Level 2 BIM being common knowledge for a number of years, why are still many companies refusing to budge from traditional methods? 

In his latest article for BDOnline, Shepherd Construction’s Martin Wing says that the BIM ‘refuseniks’ need to start getting on board as “BIM is the future and will soon be compulsory”. Why try and stop and unstoppable force?


Wing highlights that Building Information Modelling will eventually help the UK construction industry save 15 to 20% and those either not adopting BIM or creating BIM objects yet not sharing them with companies they are meant to be working alongside need to stop and work together, as ultimately, “only teamwork can ensure we use it [BIM] to its full capacity, maximising our gains and reducing our costs together.”


In a similar vein to a recent Metal Miner article, Wing believes that early cohesion and collaboration between all elements of the project team is essential to getting the best out of BIM. He writes:


“Early engagement between contractors and architects and designers is key to allowing involvement and influence on the building design to make sure that the model is authored and structured in the right way which simultaneously encourages collaborative working relationships. This also ensures everyone is focused on achieving best value right from project inception to commissioning.”


To read more of Wing’s thoughts, read his entire piece here.


Do you agree with Martin Wing?