Not yet ready for BIM? BPS state why you should be

In their latest blog post, Barbour Product Search have published six reasons why companies not yet invested in Building Information Modelling should be.

The building product directory list money making, accurate cost estimation and the fact that it’s nearly 2016 as reasons to invest in BIM sooner rather than later.


In addition to discussing BIM’s excellent ability to manage the saving of money, time, resources and the fact it can reduce project build time, the blog also notes how BIM can help manage a piece of architecture’s outgoings throughout it’s entire lifecycle.


Blogger Lauren Easton writes: “Add to this [the aforementioned advantages] the financial benefits of BIM throughout the post-build life of the building such as reduced maintenance costs and greater data on building efficiency… you should find the benefits in the long run are worth it!”


The blog also highlights the important fact that the 3D software can immediately detect any structural issues within a project. BPS state: “To put it simply BIM allows computer processes to check certain rules like code regulations and any possible structural issues with a building. Let the computer do all the due diligence and make yourself a cuppa.”


The blog also reflects upon the Government’s 2016 deadline for the application of BIM within all it’s public sector projects. If the Government are doing it, you should be too.


“It’s 2014 now you know…2016 is only 18 months away!”, writes Easton.


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Do you have any tips of your own as to why companies need to invest in BIM?