NBS BIM Report: Should we be sceptical?

Should we be sceptical about the results of The National Building Specification’s 2014 Building Information Modelling report?

Construction Client Advisor Richard Saxon CBE certainly thinks we should be.


In his latest article published today on Building.co.uk, Saxon believes that BIM maturity is much lower than companies have claimed.


According to the NBS survey, 7% of BIM users claim they are currently working at a higher stage than Level 2. As anything beyond Level 2 is mostly not technologically available, Saxon believes people are failing to understand the criteria of each BIM level. He states: “As Level 3 is not yet formally defined, nor in many ways even technically possible, for people to claim this suggests that they do not understand the concept of BIM levels.”


Saxon blames the labelling of guides and codes that BIM conforms as a reason why many in the field are struggling to grasp the multiple stages of BIM. He notes the general confusion surrounding the relationship that PAS 1192-2 (the guide to Level 2 BIM) has with NRM2 (Detailed Measurement for Building Works). He says: “At a recent seminar on the introduction of NRM3, the method of measurement of repair and maintenance costs, there was an assumption by one speaker that as NRM2 sits alongside PAS 1192-2, the guide to Level 2 BIM, that NRM3 must refer to Level 3; after all, PAS1192-3, just out and also about operating buildings, uses number 3 so 3 must mean Level 3. The labelling of codes and guides needs some re-assessment to make it clearer to people how they all relate to BIM levels.”


Do you agree with Saxon’s viewpoint?