“More efficient, productive, innovative”: BIM’s effect on SMEs

Irish Building Magazine are addressing the major effect Building Information Modelling is having on Small Medium Enterprises (or SMEs) in the construction industry.

In the publication’s latest web article, it is explained that many construction companies within Ireland have troubles due to their stance as SMEs, yet BIM is having positive impact on their futures.


Over 90% of Irish construction companies are SMEs, meaning they are comprised with 20 or less staff. According to the report, BIM is helping to tackle loss of company efficiency and productivity, helping SMEs co-exist amongst their bigger competitors.


The article spotlights ArcDox, a company that within five years, has grown from just two founding business partners to employing 10 BIM experts, allowing the company to edge out their competition and be one of the most profilic BIM firms in Ireland.


“ArcDox was established to help people and companies, to implement a more effective way of working, by bringing our experience in this area to bear on business and projects, said Ralph Montague, ArcDox’s managing partner. We firmly believe that our industry in Ireland should strive to be world-class in implementing better ways of designing and constructing buildings through BIM and related technologies.”


Montague is also very aware of the dangers of not adapting with the game-changing environment being inspired by BIM: “The threat to our industry, if we don’t change, is that we will not only become outdated and irrelevant to international competitors, but that our industry will begin to lose local projects to outside firms, who have become more efficient and competitive through BIM.”


The article originally appeared in the actual Irish Building Magazine, which can be read here.