Report: Include your subcontractors early and reap the benefits

Multimedia resource site Metal Miner have suggested that subcontractors should be involved within the 3D design process of construction projects as early as possible.

Referring to them as the “unsung heroes of construction”, Metal Miner state that subcontractors and their prefabrication work act as the perfect supplement to Building Information Modelling.

By not including subcontractors in the modelling design stage, project managers run the risk of having to pay additional costs at a later date, as the team have lacked the knowledge that a subcontractor could provide, resulting in potential errors.

Subcontractors often carry out a plethora of ultra-specific tasks such as complex electrical, mechanical and plumbing work, and if their expertise is implemented at the early stages of a project, expenditure can be measured more accurately, resulting in a project being considered a LEAN environment.

The report examines a case study of DPR, a construction company based in California that mainly working on healthcare projects. DPR performed drywall detailing to the Sutter Health Castro Valley Clinic using assets that had already been constructed off site.

Working with contractors at the initial BIM stage, DPR were “able to install all of the hospital’s post and panel construction before the walls went in”, which resulted in them avoiding any potential causes for costly rework.

To learn more about the entire project and view additional images of the work DPR carried out, click here.

Do you agree with Metal Miner’s stance on subcontractors?