IBSECAD review BIM Show Live 2014

BIM solutions experts IBSECAD are the latest company to provide a review of BIM Show Live 2014.

The annual event, which took place from April 23rd – 24th, is still a hot topic amongst the BIM community and IBSECAD’s Rich Baglow provided his highlights.


Baglow shared his positive thoughts surrounding the difference in conversation topics at this year’s event. He stated: “Lot of discussion on implementing “Level 2 BIM” and “good EIR’s” which is definitely a step on from last years tentative thoughts on BIM. It was also healthy to hear how busy everyone was in the current climate, construction is on the up.”


IBSECAD’s London Regional Director also complimented the change in city for the 2014 event, which saw BIM Show Live move to Manchester. Baglow said: “We couldn’t help but notice what a fantastic venue Manchester Central was; there was a huge buzz around the main space and everything felt far more connected than the previous years’ event. It was always a risk to move to Manchester but I think having over 600 people attend the event shows the importance of BIM within our industry – doesn’t matter where its held people will come!”


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