Government’s BIM Task Group to be wound down confirms Chairman

It was announced today that the Government’s BIM Task Group will be wound down in 2015, causing concern that there is a lack of support towards the public sector project BIM adoption.

Back in May 2011, the government declared that by 2016, all public sector construction projects must adopt the use of Level 2 Building Information Modelling. However, with the news that the BIM Task Group (the team in charge of ensuring that the deadline is met) will be wound down a year before the deadline was set for, could this be a sign that there is perhaps a change of heart or lack of confidence from within central government?


Chairman of the BIM Task Group Mark Bew confirmed the news, yet insisted that will be a “managed takeover” by a new “legacy group”, who will ensure Level 2 adoption is happening during the time between the disbanding of the BIM Task Group and the final deadline.


Funding for the application of Level 2 BIM will remain unchanged until March 2016, in which the public sector will be expected to finance general operations, training and technical support.


Director of BIM at Balfour Beatty, Peter Trebilcock was one of the industry experts worried about the news.


Speaking to, he said: “The government’s [BIM] plan is in its infancy in terms of adoption and implementation […] Unless you have someone in central government with the resource to commit to this you’ll have fragmentation and inconsistency.”


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What do you make of the news that a “legacy group” will be formed? Is this a case of “if its not broke, why fix it?”