Government ‘Digital Plan of Work’ contract: A look at NBS’ proposal

The Government’s Technology Strategy Board recently awarded three groups fifty thousand pounds to commission a Level 2 BIM ‘digital plan of work’, and more information surround NBS’ proposal has been made available.

Following the more extensive look into the CIOB-led C8’s proposal for the BIM attainment tool, NBS have supplied more information about their free-of-charge BIM tool, which will be used to “capture, validate and store information based on the publicly available level 2 BIM standards”.


NBS are to utilise their National BIM Library source and build on 6,000 object definition currently in use in the United Kingdom.


NBS’ Dr. Stephen Hamil, Director of Design and Innovation, believes that the winning tool-kit will be the final piece to the Level 2 BIM puzzle and will be the key to open standardisation. He spoke to Building Design Online:


“This project will be the key deliverable that will complete level 2 BIM by providing the industry with a free-to-use digital toolkit to open standards.

“For NBS to be chosen to lead a team to deliver this feasibility study is a great achievement and is recognition of the leadership we have shown in recent years. It’s also fantastic to have such well-respected organisations alongside us.”


However, there is some worry within the BIM community regarding the fact the government have announced that the BIM Task Group, who are running the contest, will run out of funding around the time this “missing link” tool-kit will be available. However, head of BIM at BIM Task Group David Philp has stated that more funding could become available.


What do you make of NBS’ proposal?