Google [x]’s Flux secures eight million dollar funding

Flux, a project born from Google’s semi-secret lab Google [x] has secured eight million dollars worth of funding.

Flux, a San Francisco-based company supplying “collaborative design software for the building design and construction industry”, secured the monumental funding after receiving backing from four investors.


The initial idea behind the project was to combat the rising demand for new architectural opportunities in urbanised areas, whilst in-turn reducing the environmental footprint of buildings.


Co-founder Michelle Kaufmann (pictured) shed more light on what Flux is aiming to achieve. She stated: “The power required to heat, cool, light, and power devices in the places we live and work is responsible for 40% of our carbon emissions. Much of this power is wasted due to inadequate design, antiquated technology, and poor construction quality.”


Borealis Ventures is one of Flux’s four financial backers, and their Managing Director Jesse Devitte says that Flux will be responsible for a crucial change within the way the architectural, engineering and construction industries need to operate.


“Flux represents a paradigm shift for the AEC industry that uniquely leverages customer investments in existing BIM and analysis tools. It is also an example of the type of team, R&D investment, and next generation of design and engineering solutions that the industry deserves and Borealis takes pride in supporting.”


Others investing in the project are Andreessen Horowitz, DFJ and Google Ventures.


To learn more about the project, click here. You can also visit Flux’s official website here.


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