Few US Structural Engineers sharing BIMs with Contractors

According to a recent survey, structural engineers cite “liability concerns” as to why they don’t shaer Building Information Models with contractors.

Engineering News-Record are reporting that twenty thousand structural firms were surveyed about BIM, with an alarming collection of responses being gathered from the meagre 5% that replied.


The fifth annual American BIM survey was conducted by the Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) and the Council of American Structural Engineers (CASE), with help from the Structural Engineers Association of Texas. Co-chair of the SEI-CASE BIM committee Will Ikerd spoke about the lack of sharing between structural engineers and contractors:


“The majority of the respondents are not sharing their structural BIMs with contractors. Many of them cite liability concerns as the reason.”


Other worrying statistics from the report include the fact that 75% of the firms surveyed said “BIM training is either horrible, non-existent or only moderately effective”.


Also, despite being a rise, only a small 10% of companies stated that they used BIM for concrete.


Ikerd clarified that the majority of US companies still use 2D drawings in the form of a pdf. He said: “The majority of professionals are not doing model-based delivery.”


Read the report in it’s entirety and remarkable comments from engineers regarding the lack of BIM use here.


Are you shocked that the US are not taking to BIM like many countries elsewhere in the world?