Eversheds’ Conroy-Harris discusses BIM Task Group reduction

Eversheds Construction Lawyer Michael Conroy-Harris has given his judgement on the phasing-out of the UK Government’s BIM Task Group.

Last week, news of the BIM Task Group’s disbandment left many within the Building Information Modelling community confused about the future of BIM, particularly concering the Government’s 2016 mandate. 


Although the Head of BIM at BIM Task Group David Philp today reassured sceptics that the transition from the Task Group to a new ‘legacy’ group would run smoothly and that the Government’s deadline will still be met, many are still unsure of what the future holds, and whether there is a lack of support within central government.


Michael Conroy-Harris, who has 16 years experience as a projects and construction lawyer working at Eversheds, spoke to The Lawyer and gave his opinion on the impending closure of the BIM Task Group. He said:


“At first sight, this news might be seen as troubling – but is it really bad news for BIM? Rarely has there been such an industry-wide consensus that an initiative is for the good of the industry.


Conroy-Harris elaborated by questioning whether just because the Government are reducing support, is the BIM industry really at risk? He doesn’t think so:


“That being so, is it really the case that BIM will topple over if the government reduces the level of support? It seems far more likely that BIM is now ready to stand on its own feet and the industry will embrace this innovation and reap the benefits from it.


“There will be issues of standardisation to consider, but UK construction is world leading and should be able to find its own way to supporting BIM.”


Do you agree or disagree with Conroy-Harris?