Construction IT Alliance Launch ‘CITA Smart Collaboration Challenge’

The Construction IT Alliance (CITA) have launched the new CITA Smart Collaboration Challenge.

Based in Ireland, the competition will see 10 teams of 5-10 people (comprising of industry experts, academic, students and technology vendor partnerships) battling it out to research and solve BIM related challenges.

To take part, teams must submit a proposal on a challenge they want to solve and what the team aims to achieve by taking part in the event, which is made-up of a 4-day workshop and 1-day symposium.


Each team application costs €2,000, with the top prize awarded being €10,000. The team that places second will win €5,000 and the third place team will get their entry fee of €2,000 back.


For more information on the event (which will take place in Dublin, Ireland from Monday 10th – Thursday 13th November 2014) and it’s rules, click here.


Will you be entering a team into the CITA Smart Collaboration Challenge?