COINS Co-Founder discusses rise in BIM use

Co-Founder of Construction Industry Solutions (COINS) Nigel Cope has discussed his company’s views on Building Information Modelling and it’s increase in use.

COINS provides consultancy and solutions to construction software problems, meaning they are dealing with BIM more and more due to it’s increase in use across all areas of the AEC sector.


Speaking with Gulf Business, Cope said that as BIM is continuing to gain momentum within construction, his company must develop alongside it. He declared:


“We see that the adoption of Building Information Modelling (“BIM”) will continue to gain momentum and be used in all phases of a project. We see that interoperability between systems – such as client, planning and collaboration systems – will continue to be vitally important.”


Elsewhere in construction, Qatar are becoming a major talking point due to the amount of work they are carrying out, including getting ready to host the FIFA 2022 World Cup. BIM adoption is on the increase over in that flourishing part of the world too, meaning COINS are also venturing into working with Qatar.


“COINS is in the process of establishing an office in Qatar and will open other offices in the region where required,” said Cope.


Cope also discusses the biggest challenges his company is yet to face, the affect the Dubai market crash in 2009 had on the company and more. Click here to learn what he said.


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