Building Information Modelling speeds up Volkswagen project

The use of Building Information Modelling has allowed for the construction of a Volkswagen showroom to finish faster.

Longcross Construction won the bid to build the four storey, 15,468 sq m development in Brentwood, West London due to their innovative initial ideas.


Longcross pitched a bid alongside their concrete subcontractors PCE and they won the contract due to their plans to use BIM and a vast amount of precast concrete made off-site.


In conjunction with one another, both processes meant that there are fewer potential health and safety issues on-site due to less manpower needed and progress can be made on the project at a quicker rate as the construction is not weather dependant due to the concrete being precast.


A project of the showroom’s size would normally take 30 to 32 weeks to finish, yet the build is only scheduled to take 18 weeks.




Longcross General Manager Jonathan Williams told Construction News: “Volkswagen is a company that values innovative engineering solutions, so the management appreciated the solution we provided because it was from one engineer to another.”


The use of BIM allowed Longcross to detect a potential problem with the build. Williams continued: “From using BIM modelling on the project, we realised the logistics were one area that had the potential to be disruptive and delaying, meaning the just-in-time deliveries were even more important.”


The news of this strong relationship between contractor and subcontractor comes just days after Metal Miner called for subcontractors to be involved within BIM projects at the earliest stage possible.


Learn more about the Volkswagen build by clicking here.


It seems that Volkswagen and PCE highlight the ideal cohesion between contractor and subcontractor, right?