BIMcrunch launches new sister Instagram feed, ‘Bimagery’

Sometimes there is just nothing better than looking at some pretty pictures!

That’s why we here at BIMcrunch have decided to bring you a feed of images to help brighten your day and get your brain going.


Bimagery (on Instagram @_Bimagery) is BIMcrunch’s sister picture feed, showcasing one image a day relating to Building Information Modelling.


Whether it be a photograph of a 3D model in BIM software, a building in development that is using BIM, or a completed construction in all it’s glory, Bimagery will highlight anything and everything that showcases what BIM is capable of.


Make sure to follow @_Bimagery on Instagram, yet if you don’t have access to that app on your phone, don’t worry, you can still see the images online or alternatively, the daily image will also be posted on our Twitter feed, @BIMcrunch.


Who’s ready to see some BIM eye candy?