BIM use in Dubai “critical” and “indispensable”

Building Information Modelling adoption in the Middle East has been described as “critical” and “indispensable”.

Construction Week Online have examined BIM’s impact within Dubai, recognising it as a reason for the region’s shift from lackadaisical to regimented building regulation.


Khaled Awad, the founder of eco-development company Grenea, described BIM as “indispensable” in Dubai due to how it can save losses in time and expense. He stated:


“The main BIM advantage is resolving design clashes between different disciplines –mechanical, electrical, civil – resulting in major savings in time and redundancies. BIM is critical in complex structures and without such projects would incur sizable losses in time and money.”


BIM adoption is on the increase in Dubai due to the Dubai Municipality mandating it’s use on most large-scale projects within the Emirates. The current regulations apply to government projects such as schools and hospitals, as well as buildings over forty storeys high because “BIM helps to streamline complex developments that utilise a range of stakeholders.”


Although BIM use has done nothing but bring positive changes to Dubai, Awad believes a public authoritative mandate can only do so much. The next development in Dubai’s rise in construction supremacy will be because of technological advancements. He said:


The next wave of improvement should come in IT and communication. The construction industry has been lagging in this area but with the availability of seamless communication technologies, the industry should be able to improve its slow and archaic communication systems.”


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Do you think it’s time more countries followed the UK and Dubai’s suit and mandate BIM?