BIM Task Group: No specific date set for disbandment

David Philp 2

The head of BIM at the Government’s BIM Task Group has stated that “no decision has been made” regarding a specific time that the group will no longer exist.

It was announced late last week by BIM Task Group Chairman Mark Bew that the group will be wound down next year, one year before the Government’s mandate deadline (concerning all public sector projects adopting Level 2 BIM) that the Task Group were supposed to be overseeing.

Today, David Philp FCIOB has told Construction Manager that a final decision regarding the termination of funding has not yet been decided and that it could still be continued beyond it’s current finishing point. Philp stated:

“No decision has been made or any date fixed on disbanding the Task Group, but sustainable options on guiding BIM beyond the lifespan of the Task Group are being explored.”

Once the BIM Task Group, funded by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, has been disbanded, a new ‘legacy’ group will be formed to make sure that the 2016 target is met. After being asked what the legacy group may look like, he responded:

“Government Soft Landings already has a strong stewardship group [in Whitehall] so some of the legacy provision has started already.”

The fact that funding will cease a year before the mandate has left many within the industry concerned that there is a lack of support within central government concerning their original plan and also that a transition from the Task Group to the legacy group will see a loss in direction. This will not be the case, according to Philp.

“The important point is that the trans-governmental commitment to achieving level 2 BIM remains as strong as ever.”

CM’s article also spoke with Richard Saxon, a former member of the BIM Task Group. He suggested that a proposed ‘BIM champion’ may be insufficient when it comes to seeing the mandate through to the end.

“There’s an argument that all departments are due to have a BIM champion by the end of this year, who will be capable of guiding them through BIM adoption. That seems to be the plan – but you can debate whether that’s likely to be sufficient.”

Read the rest of Saxon’s comments on whether the upcoming ‘digital plan of work’ will even be ready for its Spring 2015 and more by clicking here.

Do you think the shift from the BIM Task Group to the legacy group could affect not only the momentum towards the Government’s 2016 deadline but also the UK’s stance as a BIM world leader? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, @BIMcrunch.