BIM Show Live 2014 Reviewed by The Design Buro

Architecture blog The Design Buro‘s latest blog post celebrates 2014’s BIM Show Live.

The event, which took place from the 23rd – 24th of April, gathered the leading figures who are revolutionizing the architecture world using BIM.


The Design Buro’s director Neil Marshall, who was also a speaker at BIM Show Live 2014, shares his thoughts on the growing success of the popular live event at the heart of the BIM community.


Talking about the increase in discussion of COBie at the event, Neil said: “There was more talk of IFC and COBie this year, which was great. We’re waking up to the OpenBIM concept, which in my view is absolutely critical.  We need to deliver software agnostic solutions to avoid the barriers for uptake and adoption. There were also good mentions for GSL and PLQ’s – these are fundamental parts to the process if we are to deliver on our promises.”


Neil, who can be followed on Twitter by clicking here, also discusses the change of location from London to Manchester, his thoughts on live workshops at the event and predictions for #BIMShowLive2015.


Click here to read Neil’s latest blog post for The Design Buro.


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