BIM compliant pedestrian simulator features on National Geographic

Oasys Softwares’ MassMotion has been featured on National Geographic UK’s Time Scanners.

MassMotion is a BIM compliant crowd analysis tool that can be used during the planning stage of an architectural development to make sure people inside can move freely and evacuate easily. Any problems it picks up will obviously save companies time and money.


MassMotion was used in Episode 4 of National Geographic UK’s Time Scanners to measure the efficiency pedestrians evacuate from the Colosseum in Rome versus to the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing. Although the episode first aired on March 18th 2014, Oasys have released a clip from the show to their YouTube channel ahead of a repeat of the episode tomorrow (May 15th) at 1pm.


In the video clip, an evacuation simulation takes place which sees spectators manage to leave their seats quicker in the Bird’s Nest, yet more efficient progress through the stairwells and concourse in the Colosseum sees that arena catch up.


The result of the experiment can be seen in the video, which you can view by clicking here.


MassMotion is the only three-dimensional product of its kind and models from AutoCAD, MicroStation, Sketch-Up, Rhino and Revit can be imported into it.


Oasys Softwares’ MassMotion 6.0 is available now and you can download a 30-day free trial by clicking here.


What did you make of the National Geographic experiment?