BIM at the heart of Australia’s first new hospital in 20 years


Scheduled for completion in 2016, the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital is one of BIM’s finest examples.

The Queensland-based hospital is Australia’s first completely new (and not replacement) hospital in over 20 years, and Building Information Modelling is at the heart of the project.

The hospital will occupy 450 beds when completed in late 2016, with BIM’s 6D capabilities helping to estimate that that figure could rise to 738 by 2021.

During the first stage of BIM for the 1.8 billion dollar project, it was measured that 200,000 square metres of formwork, 60,000 cubic metres of concrete, 800 tonnes of post tensioning and 4,500 tonnes of steel reinforcement would be needed for the 150,000 square metre hospital and it’s adjoining 95,000 square metre car park.

An in-depth look at the project (available on Sourceable) noted that the “effectiveness of applying a 5D methodology meant the team was able to revision within days and sometimes hours to produce updated visualised documentation which clearly identified the changes within the 3D model and quickly include them in the contract.”

The report continues by stating that the use of BIM in the construction of the hospital has allowed for better management of documents, improved reliability and critically, both savings of time and cost.

The project gets a big thumbs up from us.

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